Sunday, December 27, 2009


Wow. I am feeling pumped. So enthusiastic am I that I am starting a(nother) blog. This one has been in the workings of my brain for oh so long. I have been brewing and stewing my blog and swishing it around and contemplating its nature- its themes. I am in the sort of mood to take action today- to really just go for it. So here I am.
My intention to begin a blog really begun with a desire to join this very interesting conversation happening between women(and Im sure men too) around the world. I am most interested in this conversation now because I am now a mother. and you all are just so smart with all these ideas and crafty projects and suggestions for making life better. I want to make my life better. I want to serve my family and use that service as a catalyst for personal growth and creative opportunities.
I also intend on using tis blog as a log-(hmmm) a way to track and organize and digest all of these adventures that life in the home can bring. I am learning how to be a mother, plan meals, keep the house clean, get all of our essentials while spending as little time in giant McStores as possible. There is so much of life to be had so many intersts to nurture and pockets of the home to care for and invest a bit of love into everyday. I want a place that ties it all together for me, a place that I can spew my enthusiasm for a new(to me) subject.
So hello blogville- I extend a great big ol cyber handshake to ya!

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