Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blooming Expression of Mother Earth

Each year the rapid green booming and blooming of spring (most welcome by me) brings with it a grim reality; yard maintenance.  And with yard maintenance, the subsequent reality of war waged upon the earth around our homes.   

Now I have no problem with yard maintenance per se.  Per se.  I understand needing to remove certain plants from an area to cultivate other certain plants.  However, I wonder about the logic behind using perfectly good water to water a lawn of perfectly useless grass that one is going to have to use perfectly good time and energy(as in gas, as in oil) to mow down, only to have to water again and mow it down yet again.

I wonder about the logic behind spewing poisons all over the earth surrounding and supporting ones home, especially when the plants that are being poisoned over and over again are so very much more useful than that field of very useless and not that good looking grass. 

I marvel at the persistence of Mother Earth marching forth with her thriving expression, subjecting her beautiful green children to be met with poisons and blades over and over again.  She comes back willingly, expressively speaking that big green Mama voice.  She continues to speak through the cracks in our cement, to thrive in gravel beds where her green is quieted routinely.

I adore this moment in spring, when my yard has yet to be mowed, and I get to witness what it is that the great green Mama wants to be here right now in my little patch of Earth.  I tolerate the tension that my overgrown yard creates between me and my neighbors.  How can explain that I love those plants that they call weeds just as much and they love their little bucket of poison that they use to water their gravel with?  


The oh so familiar dandelion plant, its leaves and flowers are edible and delicious is salads, they contain more vitamins and minerals than spinach, or any other dark leafy green one could buy.  The root is a powerful strengthening tonic especially for the liver and kidneys.  Its many uses are celebrated by herbalists,  its mere presence agitates the weekend gardener.  

Me and Cora think they are beautiful.

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  1. I love this point of view, honey. . . never thought about it in these terms. However, the one and ONLY thing I dread about "springing" is the excessive sound of lawnmowers. . . I mean, really--can't you use a little exercise? I love people who use old fashioned push mowers:) Love, Ma