Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It's DONE!!!

I finally finished her dress.

I learned in this project that I love knitting.

I also learned how to purl, knit ribbing, knit in the round. All kinds of skills really.

Did I mention that I LOVE knitting.

I finally finished this last night way past my bedtime, and I promptly began another washcloth. You know cuz we need one.

oops- there's a thread I forgot to clip!

(Taking a big chance here :)


  1. I need a washcloth:) Love, Mom

  2. By the way, that is soooooo cute! And little Snowball has your nose big time:) Kisses to her and you, honey.

  3. Good for you! Now you have way past me up. I have only knitted one throw, & a few dish cloths in a life time. I love the dress it's so cute, and the nose wrinkle too. Love, Grandma