Wednesday, February 17, 2010

As She Wishes

As much as I have cherished every bit of this baby time that I know will be short lived there are certain phases that I am so looking forward to. One of them is Cora having preferences in what she is wearing. I absolutely love it when I see a little elmo or fireman/princess walking around. What a beautiful way to get to express ones self. I have been so excited to see what Cora will come up with and who she wants to be. For the past couple of days Cora has found some item of my clothing and put a strap around her neck. Finally it dawned on me- my baby is accessorizing!!! I did not expect this so soon. Today Cora chose to adorn herself in my tank shirt that I sleep in last night. never mind that she got it out of the laundry and its not exactly the, um, most practical playground accessory, I decided she should get to wear it if she wants. I'll stand by it proudly:)

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