Thursday, February 25, 2010


Here are a few current happenings in our lives. I made a bright blue collar, or cowl, or neck wrap, whatever you like to call it:)

Me and Cora have been spending an awful lot of time in the yard- me turning the compost pile, hoping to make some good dirt in time for spring planting. I'm realizing that my time is running out and I may have to move these piles of leaves from our beds and enrich the soil other ways. Mighty proud of myself for doing anything in the yard while keeping an eye on my little sugar plum here.

Enjoy an evening tickling/ wrestleing match. Dada vs. Coco Snosno. My kinda entertainment. :)


  1. Hey honey,
    Love keeping up with you this way. . you could sell those collar/cowl/neck wraps!!! I would definitely wear one here (saves the trouble of having winter scarf ends fall into slush, coffee, get caught on gates, etc. or get lost:) I'd buy one in a heartbeat if it was soft and cozy and had a cute button on it. I bet it could be a wonderful "next big thing" for the urban outfitters crowd. No kidding. Your creativity and orginality is something that constantly knocks me off my feet (I am not surprised--I have seen it all your life, but to see it come to products of your labor--and seemingly with so much ease--all I can say is wow:) Great little Snowball pics. Are you sure gpa Paul hasn't been teaching her things?:) Love, Ma

  2. Is she gonna be a redhead? I think maybe so.

  3. I love your bright blue neck wrap! Very cute and probably so much more convenient than a scarf, which always seems to be in my way.

    One of my goals this year is to work on my compost piles. We have a little worm farm, it makes awesome compost but doesn't produce a lot.

  4. Aw Amanda, The neck piece is great. You could make a few things, like that, and take them around to the Boutique shops around town, then take orders. By next winter you could have a bunch made.
    You inspire me for sure.I am going to plant herbs, in my pots, I have been able to walk the dog successfuly since you were here. (so you all know, Amanda taught our dog Pepe to walk on a leash in two 10 min. walks, and I have been trying for over a year. Doing this while carrying Cora, and walking with grandma. wow!)We past a lady, who said "talk about multi tasking"..