Friday, February 26, 2010

Embracing/Boycotting the Mess

For tonight, I spare you a picture. Right now I am wholeheartedly accepting a big fat mess in this house. This mess is the result, or rather the byproduct of a whole lotta good living around here. I've been spending mornings working at our shop, afternoons playing with the snuggle buggy baby boo while she's still a baby. I'm told it all goes so fast, so whats a few (dozen) toys scattered around the floor? Whats a few loads of laundry and messy counter tops? Tonight Todd is out hopefully drinking beer and having a good time. As for me? I find myself in a quiet, albeit messy, house tinkering away at a few projects- having my own little party. Basking in luxury of giving myself full permission to just let it go......
I may regret this in the morning when I wake up to total chaos. But luckily I have this blog post to remind myself how I got into this mess :)

1 comment:

  1. Honey, I got a similar one here and no one else did it. Let it go is right. . . till you are inspired. I'm working on tomorrow's inspriation:)ha!