Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Bath Garden

I have not one but two projects to share with you. But they will have to wait because today I must write about the loveliest of gifts given to me.
After two weeks of flying solo, Todd treated me to a luxurious day of wellness. I got to go to Chozu Bath Garden for an afternoon of soaking in warm pools, sweating in saunas, and wrapping it all up with a deep tissue massage. What a man. What a day.
One would think that by simply entering such a space, filled with water fountains, a japanese inspired landscape, and total serentiy, that I would have collapsed into bliss immediately and never returned. But no, I tell you it required a great deal of effort to turn off the chatterbox in my head and give my heart and my body center stage. I did my best to turn off the grocery list making, to do list making, blog writing,(I'm just excited by it is all)- and boy oh boy did it do me a world of good. In fact it showed me just how much I am going to need to practice this winding down a little bit more frequently than I normally get to.
So what did I do instead of write my to do lists?(cause lord knows I must be doing something at all times)
I prayed.
I prayed thank you for the richly blessed life that I get to live. I prayed thank you for the health care I was given the opportunity to experience this day. I prayed thank you for living at a time when so much transformation is taking place in the human conciousness. I prayed for my loving husband who provides and nurtures our family. I prayed thank you for my daughter, for her health and well being, and for the way that getting to take care of her makes me a bigger and better woman than I knew myself to be. I prayed thank you for the strength that has always been given to me whenever I have needed it. I prayed for the strength to heal those matters that still lingered....
I thought about what a powerful experience it is to simply be with oneself with that intention- the intention to heal. I've been realizing in my daily life how the small rituals I do everyday to care for my body count so dearly. Rarely do I get but 10 or 15 minuets to groom, so its definitely not the quantity but the quality of that time that counts. I thought about how I intend to be more mindful, and more relaxed with the time I do get. I thought about how I have the chance to care for my body throughout the day in so many ways no matter how busy. Every meal, every walk. I thought about how this is the true meaning of health care. Ritual care of ones self. (and of course I thought *easier said than done* for sure- but what is life if not a work in progress?)
I feel relaxed, and grateful. (and deserving:))
Anyways I must run for I have a photo shoot to conduct for tomorrows post...........

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  1. Now that's my kind of day!!!! I love the part about you trying to quiet your head. . . live that struggle for sure:) Good advice on the "health care" ritual. I hope you can live it (even most of the time is excellent, honey--some of the time is good, and brief periods of losing track are probably inevitable if you're a mommy). Enjoy your photo shoot, hon! Would love to see some new shots of you know who:) Love, Ma