Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Goddess School- Week 1

This week kicked off week one of my Creative Goddess E-course.

It began with a pretty powerful guided meditation, involving a meadow, a mountain, a boulder in the path, a future Amanda wise woman, love showering, *ruby* gifting goodness. All in all it was a special, soulful journey. (not to mention that any time spent alone, breathing deep is pretty special for any Mama)

It continued with a walk, in the hands of serendipity and the Great Spirit. I brought my favorite walking companion, Gypsy Sunshine. It rained on us which was sensational. How often do we have that experience!? The purpose of our walk was to gather whatever lay in our path for a wild art making experience.

Then there came the wild art making experience. And luckily I took pictures!
Our little art station, and my favorite painting companion.

Here are some gathered materials, somehow they were all mostly blue/ turquoise. I let that guide the paint color choices and worked big goops of paint with my fingers, with sticks, toothbrushes, fabric, bits of this and that. Just crazy fun!
We had explicit instructions to do some smearing in the grass. So that's what this is a picture of.

This is the painting after getting a rub down on the lawn.
This is my painted lawn :) For some reason I love the thoughts of my neighbors wondering- what on earth is that kooky woman doing!

And this is the final product. I can't say its my favorite painting I have ever seen (or made for that matter) But I resolved before hand to love it unconditionally, because that was the point of this experience. It is a relinquishing of control of the product over to process. To create in the spirit of fun, spontaneity, of acceptance and that is where real magic in creating happens, in wild reckless abandon.


  1. I like that piece a LOT! there are many pictures of nature in it; it's like looking at clouds and seeing what you see in them. I love your walking and painting companions, too:) Love, Ma/Grandma B.

  2. What wonderful fun! I love the colors in your artwork after it was smeared in the grass. Those colors seem so calming and healing. I had to laugh aloud when you mentioned your neighbors because I've thought that on several occasions. I remember when I first moved into my house. I was dancing with Kai, really dancing and I turned around and one of my neighbors was staring in what I guess was disbelief. I burst out laughing!

    Thank you for your comments on my blog. I appreciate your kindness and thank you for suggesting the blog not just cute. It is wonderful! Her passion for educating preschoolers really shows.

  3. Precious moments! In the painting, I see a fish, a person with a red shirt and blond hair,and a Indian chief. Love to you. Gma Sue