Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rest and Relaxation

I am not very good at resting- I mean just stopping completely and really doing nothing. However, sometimes it is simply forced upon you. And it was me this week. I drank some bad water- the long and short of it. And have spent the last 2 days 'recovering'. Not the way I would have preferred a mandatory resting period to have taken place, but I can see now it has been benificial to my head space. In that quiet time doing nothing I have gained an opportunity of a wider perspective on our daily lives, things I love, things I'd love to change. Or maybe I'm just desperately seeking a silver lining in a horrible experience. Either way, I'm feeling better now. Grateful for it too.


  1. Honey, I know if you're "down," you're REALLY down. Even as a little girl, you would keep going until you were practically walking in your sleep. Double-sided, burning red ear infection with a high fever, and you'd say, "Mom, I think I'm feeling a little sick". Please DO get the rest you need and know that I wish I could be there to fix some chicken soup and give you tea and a frozen fruit bar or two. Love you--Mom

  2. Oh dear, not feeling put your feet up and relax! Did you know I have a etsy shop and sell quilty stuff online and in my brick and mortar shop? If you go to my blog, click on my profile and check it out, the all about me. The reason I am telling you this is because I have something I want to send to you and I don't want you to think I am a stalker! Email me your address or your neighbors' address and I'll pop something in the mail to make you feel a little better, k? Hugs, Elaine in Texas