Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is in the Air

Hi there I just thought I would go ahead and check in. My oh my has it been a full week. Full of sunshine, abundance, new teeth, cups of tea outside, crystal cleaning, hoop dreams and a pair of new pants....

Clearly she's thrilled about her new pants. ( I know she's probably just excited to be outside in the woods next to a creek gettin pictures made of her cute self)
And these are my crystals getting a little spring sunshine on the porch. I've been hard at work writing about crystals the past couple of weeks for our shop so you may be hearing a bit more about them soon....
And this is a little water activity(ok its actually just a bowl full of water). outside. In a sundress nonetheless. Last week it was snowing. hmmmm. I won't complain.

And this is where I have not been sitting this week. I really just wanted to show off my new chair cushion fabric. Springy and new.


  1. Love the fabrics, love the pants, love those beautiful eyes! Doin' great, Mamacita:)

  2. Did you make those pants? They are adorable! I love the pockets and look how happy your daughter is, her smile is contagious!