Thursday, March 4, 2010

What Did I Do Right Today?

Some of us live in a perpetual state of self criticism. (Me) It seems that sometimes I simply cannot get my mind off of what I should have done, should do later, didn't do well enough, ect. ect....

This is not good!

I was talking to a friend yesterday. One of those good old friends that knows me so well she can always hear straight through my "I'm doing good" when I'm not. And she had a wonderful little anecdote to the negative self talk reel playing over and over....

She said that sometimes at night before she goes to bed she asks herself "What did I do right today?"
And usually the list consists of things like, I vacuumed, I took care of my animals, I did my dishes, I payed that bill, I ate well, drank water. You know the things its so easy to overlook. The things that we don't realize contribute an incredible amount of peace and well- being to our days, to our families, our communities, our world!

So, today I'm asking myself,

What am I doing right?

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  1. Honey, you're doing a LOT of things right! You made your mama's day with that adorable video. . . AND that is the perpetual question of a woman who works in the home. I've been there, and when it's hard to see the "products' of your labor, it's too easy to think you got nothing done. .. when in fact, you ARE doing the most important job in the world--raising your daughter, making sure she feels loved, getting her clean and warm and dressed (or some days, not and that's okay too; she'll live:)! Honey, you've not been feeling well, and that makes everything seem a little cloudier. You're doing it ALL right. . . sometimes "good enough" is excellent. I love you Sweetie--Mom