Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Moderately Successful Cracker Endeavor

I say moderately only because it was not entirely successful. See I have had cracker making fantasies dancing in my heart for months now. If I made crackers I would put an end the piles of cracker waste our family was contributing to the landfill once and for all. I would make fresh homemade crackers with fancy organic exotic add ins like hemp seeds and nori....

This venture was successful for 2 reasons:
1. I remembered to take pictures during the mixing (and butter melting) part of it.
2. The baby ate them (!!!!!)

For my first try I thought I would make some easy cheese thins out of a very frustrating albeit informative book called Super Baby Food. I haven't figured out how to link to Amazon yet, and I'm tired tonight, so I'm letting myself off the hook for that one :)

Whole wheat flour...... Oooooh.

Butter melting, on the stove because I have read some scary stuff about microwaves recently.

Adding shredded cheese.... and this is where the moderate part of my successful venture begins.

I forgot to take pictures of these next steps

Good thing to because the recipe reads, "Shape into roll and refrigerate overnight in wax paper. Slice very thin....."

So I shaped the dough into a roll and refrigerated overnight.
The next morning, I hopped out of bed eager to make some crackers and as I attempted to slice very thin my cracker making dreams crumbled, yes, that pun was intended.

I tried slicing thicker and thicker, the dough stayed together if I wanted half inch thick crackers. I ended up smashing the dough with the side of a large butcher knife, gingerly placed the pieces cooperating and staying together and then just baking the crumbs.

I ended up with a few crackers. which tasted pretty good. I ended up with a lot more crumbs which will taste good on top of an ol' casserole or something.
So there ya have it. I just may have to try that again.....

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  1. Cooking au natural by Amanda. . . lovin' it:)!! Made your mama giggle. And little Snowball ate them, so they must have been good:)